Versus Stadium

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Versus Stadium於2017年開業,場內提供各種電競對戰遊戲,讓顧客於輕鬆的環境下品嘗各款特式調酒,並欣賞各項電競賽事,甚至與好友親身落場競技,親身體驗電競娛樂,藉此推廣。
除提供電競舞台外,Versus Stadium的專業團隊亦提供遊戲活動籌劃,網上直播及宣傳等相關服務。
位於荔枝角的Versus Stadium佔地3,000呎,可容納200人。

The very first E-sports bar and restaurant in Asia
Versus Stadium was established in 2017, our goal is to promote a brand new culture of E-sports entertainment. We provide different kinds of Versus gaming, where our customers can enjoy special cocktails, eSports matches and livestreams, or even participate in an exciting battle, to feel the excitement of E-sports culture.
Apart from providing video and PC games on stage, Versus Stadium is also be seen as a professional production team. For instance, hosting different kinds of gaming events, live streaming & broadcasting services, online social media advertising and promotions.
Located at Lai Chi Kok, the 3,000 sq. feet venue can accommodate 200 persons.